Kirlin warrants its cables and connectors to be free of defects in material and workmanship, under normal use for the purpose for which they were designed.  Different products are covered with different warranty period.  Warranty period ranges from 1 year to lifetime from the date of purchase of the original retail purchaser.   At our option, we shall repair or replace for you free of charges.  Any cables returned for warranty should be sent to us postage prepaid.  Buyer should also enclose a copy of the original proof of purchase, a brief description of the problem, and return postage. 


Defects due to normal wear, abuse, shipping damage, or failure to use in accordance with instructions are excluded from this warranty.  Kirlin assumes no liability for damages based upon inconvenience, loss of use of the cable, loss of time, interrupted operation or commercial loss, or any other damages, whether incidental, consequential or otherwise.

Instrument CableStudioIT-18 /IT-20   /IS-18 /IS-20Limited   lifetime Warranty
StageIP-18Limited   lifetime Warranty
BlueLineBLI-205-Year   Limited Warranty
Premium PlusIWB-20   /IWB-20-WaveLimited   lifetime Warranty
Premium PlusIPW-20Limited   lifetime Warranty
Premium CoilIMK-18   /IMK-20 /IPK-22Limited   lifetime Warranty
PremiumIP-22Limited   lifetime Warranty
IM-205-Year   Limited Warranty
OriginalIP-20   /IP-245-Year   Limited Warranty
Original WovenIW-241-Year   Limited Warranty
EntryIPC-20   /IPCH-24 /IPCV-24  /IC-241-Year   Limited Warranty
Entry WovenIWC-201-Year   Limited Warranty
LightGearLGI-201-Year   Limited Warranty
Microphone CableStudioMSQ-20Limited   lifetime Warranty
StageMPQ-20Limited   lifetime Warranty
BlueLineBLM-205-Year   Limited Warranty
Premium PlusMWB-220Limited   lifetime Warranty
OriginalMP-270   /MP-280 /MP-470 /MP-4805-Year   Limited Warranty
Original WovenMW-4805-Year   Limited Warranty
EntryMPC-270   /MCP-280 /MPC-470 /MPC-4801-Year   Limited Warranty
Entry WovenMWC-270   /MWP-2801-Year   Limited Warranty
Speaker CablePremium   PlusSB-20   /SB-145-Year   Limited Warranty
EntrySBC-12   /SBC-14 /SBC-161-Year   Limited Warranty
Patch CablePedal   Cable-1-Year   Limited Warranty
XLR PatchMP-481PR   /482PR /483PR /484PR /485PR /486PR /487PR /488PR5-Year   Limited Warranty
LightGear XLR PatchLGA-593L/   594L1-Year   Limited Warranty
Original SingleAP-247/248/249/454/456/462/464/465/468/469/493/4945-Year   Limited Warranty
LightGear SingleLGA-507/508/509/554/556/562/564/565/568L/569L1-Year   Limited Warranty
Entry SingleAE-669/6681-Year   Limited Warranty
Original DualAP-401/403/405/407PR5-Year   Limited Warranty
LightGear DualLGA-402/404/406/408/WH/BK;LGA-406R/408R   /WH1-Year   Limited Warranty
Original Y-Cable



5-Year   Limited Warranty
LightGear Y-Cable



1-Year   Limited Warranty
Entry Y-Cable



1-Year   Limited Warranty
Speaker AdapterSBC-168KF,   SBC-165KF, SBC-165NF1-Year   Limited Warranty
Multi-track CableMT
3-Year   Limited Warranty
1-Year   Limited Warranty
1-Year   Limited Warranty
Data CableMidi   CableMD-561PB/501/5615-Year   Limited Warranty
DMX CableDMX-331/551;DMX-631/651/632/6335-Year   Limited Warranty
USB Cable
3-Year   Limited Warranty

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