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Amit Peled is a NY based Guitarist and producer. He's constantly touring, recording and carrying his gear across stages and studios all over the world. Amit's ability to switch between musical styles as well his ability to stage dive and jump from the drum set has made him a sought after musician both in the studio and on the road. His wide scope of musical genres ranging from Mediterranean music, Jazz, Klezmer, Rock, and Ambience pedal textures could be heard with his numerous musical groups and collaborations such as: PELED, Les Rhinoceros, Ramzailech, The Reign Of Kindo, Moshav, NYChillharmonic, A-Wa and many others. 

As a musician with a constantly changing pedal set up, Amit needs high quality patch cables that preserve the signal clarity and tone. Kirlin provide just that with durable patch cables that are as reliable on the road as they are in the studio.